About Green Mtn Vanity Tops

We Are

Green Mtn Vanity Tops is owned by Creative Counters, LLC.  
Creative Counters is a wholesale counter top fabrication business located in Lyndonville, Vermont. Established in 2001 in the owner’s garage, Creative Counters is now in a 20,000 sq. ft building with 17 employees.  
Mark Baxter is the sole owner and president of Creative Counters. After serving 14 years in the Army National Guard specializing in mountain warfare, Mark began his career in the building and woodworking trades. For the next 16 years, Mark started as a Formica distributor and eventually worked in fabrication and sales. With that knowledge and experience, Mark started Creative Counters with one employee. Today, Creative Counters employs 16 full-time employees. Collectively, the shop personnel represents over 200 years of experience in carpentry, woodwork, solid surface, vinyl siding, painting, and construction, and more. This diversity and experience allows for cross training amongst the shop personnel.
Creative Counters is proud to be ethical, respectful and professional to not only each other, but most importantly, to all of our valued customers. 

We Create

Creative Counters is proud to create beauty that you see and use every day. By being a shop that works in all mediums –granite, engineered stone, soapstone, custom laminate, and preform – we are able to wholly serve our customers, no matter the economics or style. We believe that such beauty should be available to everyone, and our product line accommodates every individual taste.  

We Lead

Creative Counters is honored to be the first in the State of Vermont to be an Advantage Elite Fabricator and Certified Corian Installer by DuPont.  
Creative Counters has always been a leader in the usage of modern technology that allows quality products. We are the first in Vermont to use digital template machinery for precise measurements. We own two cutting CNC technology on our shop floor that which is able to be programmed by three of the shop personnel; this allows for optimum operational efficiency.

We Represent

Creative Counters represents craftsmanship and tradition, which play a valuable role in our work ethic and the products we craft. The owner, Mark Baxter and each of his employees pride themselves on details and quality. While we utilize state of the art equipment in a large facility, it is ultimately the perfection of our Vermont craftsmanship tradition that is the goal for each and every counter top that is delivered to our customers.  

We Serve

Creative Counters primarily serve home centers, as well as kitchen and bath centers. However, we also work with designers, millworks, contractors, architects, and homeowners. Use our dealer and reseller finder to locate a center near you.

We Work

The original headquarters of Creative Counters was established and will always remain in Lyndonville, Vermont; an area known as the Northeast Kingdom. We are surrounded by what is most beautiful about this area: mountains, rolling hills, working farms, lakes, and rivers that sustain the community in which we live.   
While Creative Counters main customer base is in Vermont, New Hampshire, New York, Massachusetts, and Maine, our previous jobs have included as far away as Texas and internationally to Adu Dhabi. We deliver to all parts of the United States.
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